Bonafide SS 127 BassYaks Minn Kota Trolling Motor Kit

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Bonafide SS 127 BassYaks Minn Kota Trolling Motor Kit

Bassyaks offers complete trolling motor kits for those who already have a kayak or want to install it yourself, or we’ll build you one. Our Bassyak Kits Available include an internally and externally modified Minn Kota motor unit with a kayak-specific mounting bracket, throttle assembly, steering assembly, and hardware. Most kits are sub-assembled for ease of installation. You supply the Kayak, battery, and time

Bassyaks motors are rated IP68 which means submersible, Our wiring harnesses are IP68, everything in our kits is IP68!!

Assembly time is about 5hrs. With normal tools, everything is mounted in an ergonomic place, keeping in mind not to ruin your kayak if you decide to remove the systems. The trolling motor can be removed in 30 seconds and the kayak will perform as it did before you made the modification.


Throttle Option

Standard Kits Throttle Control - All of the standard kits come with a 5 speed forward and 3-speed reverse “click” switch which is mounted inside the hull. A knob is exposed on the top deck which will allow you to choose any speed or direction at any time. Going from full speed forwards to full speed reverse is like putting the brakes on, stopping the kayak in a few feet. This feature makes your kayak one of the most maneuverable systems out there. The Standard can be converted to an EM,EH at any time, with simply splicing into 2 wires.

EM (Electronic Module) - The EM electronics are housed in a fully waterproof control module to be mounted below the deck of the kayak. All electronics are sealed in marine-grade polyurethane to provide corrosion-proof protection. The extruded aluminum housing features specially designed fins that dissipate heat to keep things cool under high rpm use. Using Heyco waterproof fitting makes this option carefree whether use in fresh or saltwater. The EM option is an electronic throttle system that delivers the precise amount of power needed at any speed, along with variable speed settings. You get the ability to “dial-up” the precise speed setting you to ire, regulating the amount of power delivered to your motor so it runs cooler with no wasted power. And now, advanced, digital microprocessing optimizes draw to extend battery life and reduce damaging heat. Get up to five times longer run time on a single charge If you plan on longer trips this option is a must Control the speed of your EM equipped kayak with a corded remote that can be mounted or handheld. Offers infinitely variable speed control in forward and reverse. Features neutral (off) detent position. Great for standing and controlling the speed. Good for High Rise seats, such as the Jackson, Native or Freedom Hawk seats. Great for very wet inside hull conditions. IP68 rated

EH - is the same as above but without the extruded aluminum housing with the handheld throttle control. Great if you plan on standing, or have an elevated or high rise seat.

EK - is the same as above but without the handheld control, the throttle control in the EK is a hull-mounted knob. Perfect if you are seated.

Saltwater Option

Interlux Primocon a non-bleeding, anti-corrosive primer is used to provide an excellent barrier on underwater aluminum surfaces. After which the housing is painted with Interlux Trilux 33  is specifically formulated for aluminum engines, and drive parts, The motor shaft is then sealed, and electrical connections are encapsulated in resin. All hardware is switched over to Stainless Steel. Finishing with a black coat of Epoxy paint for hardness. Giving this motor a rating of IP68, capable of submersion

Motor Lift Kit

With the Lift Kit option, you can raise and lower the motor from the seat at any time. Now you can lift the motor from the cockpit with the release lever.


Pedal Extensions (Available in Black only)

Bonafide SS 127 BassYaks Minn Kota Trolling Motor Kit

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