Kawasaki Brute Force 650 SRA Lift Kits

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The '05-'08 Kawasaki Brute Force Solid Rear Axle (SRA) is factory equipped with a 633cc four stroke engine. They also come with 25” tires, 6.7” of front suspension travel and 7.2” of rear suspension travel and 7.6” of ground clearance. Xtreme’s 1” lift creates room for up to 28.0” tires. That combination provides approximately 2.5” of lift height and 10.0” of total ground clearance. Get the most out of your Brute Force with the Xtreme 2" lift today. (Relocates top of Front and bottom of Rear shocks).

Xtreme lifts provide the maximum lift available without causing costly damage to axles and related drive train components. Trail friendly lift systems built to get you in and OUT of the deep stuff.

All Xtreme lift systems are precision engineered using A36 3/16 or 1/4 inch cold roll steel for maximum strength and reliability. Parts are laser cut then manufactured to exacting tolerances to provide the best value available. All Xtreme products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Demand the best and Go XTREME!
  • Increase Ground Clearance
  • Run Larger Tires
  • Improve Handling
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Will Fit: Kawasaki Brute Force w/IRS All Model Years

Foot Notes: Front 1,4 / Rear 2,3

Foot Notes: 1. Relocates shocks at top. 2. Relocates shocks at bottom. 3. Uses aluminum spacer. 4. Uses bracket system. 5. Requires wheel spacers to run factory wheels. 6. Requires wheel spacers with 10” or wider tires on factory wheels. 7. Must have 12” wheels. 8. Uses strut guides. 9. Requires some cutting, grinding, or drilling. 10. Uses steel spacers. 11. Uses shackles. 12. Uses new control arm.