Polaris Ranger Full Size 800 Aero-Vent Lexan Windshield 2010-2014

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Updated 02/19/2021 07:56 PM

Front Full Windshield
Polaris Ranger Full-Size (3 Seat)
2009 Ranger 700
2010 Ranger 800
2011 Ranger 800
2012 Ranger 800
2013 Ranger 800
2014 Ranger 800

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Polaris Ranger Full Size 800 Aero-Vent Lexan Windshield 2010-2014

Hitting the trails shouldn’t mean a cab full of dust, a face full of mud, or having to pick bugs out of your teeth. This unique Aero-Vent windshield protects you from debris and mud while providing maximum ventilation, especially in those hot summer months.  Handcrafted with professional grade 1/4" polycarbonate to provide maximum durability and visibility. Ventilation system allows users to adjust the amount of airflow for for maximum comfort. Stainless steel hardware, easy to follow step by step installation and care instructions are included.

  • This Aero-Vent polycarbonate Lexan windshield is CNC machined using ¼” thick material.
  • Able to withstand open trailer hauling at hwy speeds.
  • All hardware is stainless steel, aluminum and high quality nylon to provide long life free of corrosion.
  • The Aero-Vent system has either one or two slide panels depending on the model.
  • These slide panels allow the user to adjust the airflow to the desired amount with ease.
  • Just loosen the thumb nut and open completely or anywhere in between.
  • The Aero-Vent system is controlled from within the vehicle so no need to stop and get out in the weather to adjust your windshield.
  • Available in MR-10 Hard Coat Lexan option.
  • Used by racers around the world in their cars, MR-10 Lexan is the same material with an added hard coating that helps to extend the life of your windshield and a must for anyone living in harsh sandy or dusty environments.
  • This Lexan windshields are DOT certified.

Polaris Ranger Full Size 800 Aero-Vent Lexan Windshield 2010-2014


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  • Very interested but just not sure how the vent works. Is there a video available?

    Sorry, we do not have a video of this particular windshield.  There are two independent vents on this windshield.  They slide side to side to open and close.