Polaris Ranger Mid-Size Plastic Top

Polaris Ranger Mid-Size Plastic Top
  • One-Piece Thermoformed Top.
  • Attaches with Rubber Coated Straps.
  • Stylish design matches the Mid-Size Body Style.
  • Textured Black.
  • Thermoformed for Thick 3/16” Thick Polyethylene (before forming)
  • Made in the USA
Thermoformed from 3/16” thick Polyethylene making it very strong and durable. One-Piece design does not have any seams to leak. Attaches to your ROPS with metal rubber coated straps. Works with most windshields including EMP P/N: 10725 Laminated Glass Windshield and P/N: 10575 Polycarbonate windshields.