Yamaha Rhino Billet Large Light Mount

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Billet Large Light Mount

This large light mount allows you to clamp a wide variety of large offroad lights directly to your front bumper or cage. It can be mounted with the hole in front of the tubing if there are clearance issues or behind the tubing for a very clean install. The shape of this mount is designed to provide you easy access with a wrench or socket to the lights nut underneath. No need to purchase an expensive light bar or grind away expensive powder coating to weld on light tabs. These clamps allow you to put your lights wherever you would like them. This large light mount has a .400 diameter hole machined into the top which will fit most lights. If you need a larger hole it could be easily drilled out.

This large light mount is just one of the many attachments that are available for modular roll cage clamping system. This innovative system allows you to purchase several different sizes of strap clamps depending on your roll cage tubing diameter, and apply these clamps to a variety of unique attachments. These strap clamps have an extremely low profile around the cage tubing for clearance under windshields, roofs, and other accessories, not to mention a custom look that is not available with other larger clamps.

If you are mounting small offroad lights to your bumper or cage then check out our small light mount that uses only one strap clamp.

Color Descriptions

Satin - A bright and shiny / smooth aluminum machine finish with no coating.
(This finish can is very appealing as is, but can also be easily polished, painted or powder coated)

Black Anodized - Satin finish with a bright dip black anodizing applied
(A bright and shiny deep black color with corrosion protection)

Silver Anodized - Satin finish with a bright dip clear anodizing applied
(Still very bright and shiny but offers corrosion protection and some scratch resistance)

OEM Roll Cage Tubing Diameters

Yamaha Rhino Perimeter 1.75”
Yamaha Rhino Top Crossbars 1.5”


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