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Max Air’s Cold Air Intake System is the only system on the market that allows you to rip your Rhino through sandy dunes, treacherous rivers, streams, mud bogs, and swamps without worrying about submerging your air filter in water or constantly cleaning your air filter. The Max Air Cold Air Intake System is for those of you who use your Rhino for rough play, for you avid hunters who take your Rhino into the back woods or those of you who simply want to increase the performance of your Rhino.

*See it in Action*

Max Air’s Cold Air Intake system is constructed of durable 16-gage steel and designed to pull fresh air from around the entire top (360º) of the cowl. Our top is designed to allow constant fresh airflow around the entire lid, which overlaps the actual box where the filter sits. The filter is firmly secured within the box and easily accessible for cleaning by simply removing the lid. The constant flow of fresh air assures cooler and safer operating temperatures for your Rhinos engine as opposed to stock and aftermarket intakes, which pull hot air and debris from the engine compartment. In addition, Max Air has incorporated an anti-siphon crankcase breather system that allows your crankcase to breath into the side of the air box. Because of this unique design, Max Air has eliminated the need for a crank case breather filter and this also eliminates the problem of oil splatter in the engine compartment.

*2004-2007 Yamaha Rhino*


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