5 Must-Have Accessories For Your Polaris Ranger

Ranger in itself is a style statement for many. Accessories help to better define its style statement and purpose. These add in both strength and toughness to your ranger. Though, rangers are built sturdy enough to endure the toughest weather and topsy-turvy terrain conditions, yet these must-have accessories will surely make your ranger ride noticeable better.


Check out these 5 must-have accessories for your Polaris Ranger:



The name itself is so convincing making it one of the most important accessories for your Ranger. Especially, while you drive through rocky slopes and hit the rough terrains, windshields will protect you from dangerous objects hitting onto your face and eyes. These prevent the entry of stones or other flying objects into your Ranger. The chemical composition is polycarbonate, and these can also be customized to offer significant resistance and UV protection.



Though Rangers look actual fascinating with wide open air option, yet a rooftop surely adds something extra that you cannot simply ignore. Along with function it adds up to the stylish appeal of your ranger. No doubt, the ride becomes comparatively more comfortable with it. So, now you’ve something that can guard you from rain splashes, chilling breeze and the scorching heat. Rooftops come in two forms. The hard types are made of highly durable and sturdy polyethylene; and the soft ones are of waterproof Cordura material, ensuring no more getting wet in the rains.



If you wish to add trendy look to your Ranger, then stylish alloy wheels is the best option. Grab a set of four eye-catchy rims from a ranger accessories store and get it fixed. The rims available in the market usually fit all mid-size rangers, whether it’s a Polaris Ranger 400 or 800. You can easily get them in the market.


Breakaway Side Mirrors:

Breakaway Side Mirrors are specially designed to offer extra safety. These are made of robust materials that can withstand all possible impacts while you’re off on your journey. You can adjust the side mirrors to get better visibility of both the sides as well as the back. And, when make your way through cramped passages, simply fold them in.


Shock Covers:

Defining style in a more detailed way keeps you ahead. So, why not keep your ranger clean and clear always. Shock covers do this job by keeping the front and rear shocks of your ranger free from mud and grime. The covers come in perfect sizes to fit into your shocks aptly and provide smooth driving. They offer protection from all off road impacts ensuring a safe drive. Best quality nylon is used to manufacture shock covers. These are easy to clean and need minimum maintenance.


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