Are you an adventure lover? Check Out the Difference Between an ATV and UTV!

Many people are not aware of the difference between an ATV and UTV and get confused. Well – the definitions first - ATV denotes All-Terrain Vehicle, and UTV stands for Utility Terrain Vehicle. The word UTV comes with a tail “UTV (Side-by-Sides)” because it has seating capacity for passengers’ side-by-side. You can get spare parts from exclusive UTV (Side-by-Sides) accessories from exclusive online outlets, or visit the online store for ATV UTV accessories.

The similarities of these two vehicle types are – they’re powered by automotive engines; used for riding outdoor; both are four-wheelers and many automotive manufacturers produce both.

Now see the distinctive differences between the two:


Speed and handling:

ATVs can be driven faster and handled with ease; so they’re the choice of sports lovers, who want to take part in races. UTVs, on the other hand, are powerful to tow trailers and used for hauling heavy loads in farms etc., far away from sports or recreation.


Wheels and tires:

ATVs have either three or four wheels; the tires are kept purposely at lower pressure, compared to UTVs and cars. UTVs have four wheels with standard wheelbase; sometimes they can be fitted with six wheels too.


Seating and Passenger Capacity:

ATVs have seating for one operator (or one more passenger at best). UTVs can accommodate up to four passengers, sitting side-by-side.



ATVs are steered by handlebars like bicycles; whereas UTVs are handled by a steering wheel like in cars.


Braking and Acceleration:


Mostly ATVs come with thumb throttle, and the acceleration can be controlled by pressing the throttle. Sometimes if needed, they’ve fitted with twist throttle also, but not advisable since they may jerk and fall while driven down-hills. The acceleration and brakes are handled by foot-pedals in UTVs.


Safety Equipment:

ATVs don’t have safety equipment as such, and by request can be provided with a cage-like structure. UTVs are equipped with seat-belts as a must, and also are provided with roll-bars, windshield and other safety equipment.



Often time ATVs can be driven on rough terrains, as quick means of transportation. Therefore they’re used more for sports and recreation purposes, by a single operator. UTVs are getting popular for multiple usages like farms, schools, hospitals etc. for their hauling speed, and more space availability.

Cost-wise UTVs are expensive because of their flexibility, convertibility, and customizability, for many usages; whereas ATVs are much more budget-friendly option to buy.

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