1998-2021 Polaris Ranger 80 Inch Eagle Straight Blade Snow Plow Kit

SKU: or-2090

Blade Color: Black (p/n: 2931)
Push Tube Use: Manual push tube for use with tires (p/n: 2805)
Sale price$1,450.91
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1998-2021 Polaris Ranger 80 Inch Eagle Straight Blade Snow Plow Kit

Straight Blade Features:
  • 80 inches wide and 15.75 inches tall for angled cut width of 70 inches
  • Tough, heavy duty wear bar is reversible and replaceable
  • Manually adjusts to 5 blade positions side to side
  • Adjustable, bolt-on blade stops offer 4 blade pitch positions
  • Use the adjustable skid shoes with spacers to protect the blade and surface
  • Blade mounts to the push tube swivel with 1/2” bolts
  • Comes with trip springs and eye bolts for added blade plowing protection
  • Includes rubber flap and plow markers
Push Tube Features:
  • Manufactured from 1 1/2” high strength formed tubing
  • Multiple cross members and V-shaped design for added hardiness to the entire system
  • Manually adjust to 5 positions offering 30° of rotation to each side
  • Swivel rotates on a heavy duty 5/8” bolt mounted to 1/4” solid steel
  • Powder coated jet black
Plow Mount Features:
  • Front mount
  • Manufactured from 1/4” steel and attaches with grade 5 hardware to the frame
  • Clevis pins are included for attaching push tubes
  • Some mounts recommended to be removed in off-season to maintain ground clearance
  • Powder coated jet black

Optional Push Tube Use Features:
Whether you have tires or tracks on your UTV, the Eagle plow system has just what you need. Get the standard push tube length for use with tires for the perfect fitment. Added a track system to your UTV? No issue! The extended push tube length is a perfect fit for that set up!

Want to manually move your blade to one of the 5 positions offered? Get the manual push tube to save money.

If ease of use is your top priority, order the hydraulic push tube with the Eagle Motion Pac by KYB. The Eagle Motion Pac can allow you to hydraulically control the plow position from your UTV seat. Talk about easy! The motion is powered by a single 3/4" chrome hydraulic shaft. Different lengths are available depending on your UTV set up, tires or tracks! This Motion Pac by KYB is a complete kit, including the push tube for moving the plow position, wiring harness, hydraulic cylinder and swivel system.

Kit Includes:

  • Blade
  • Push tube
  • Model specific plow mount

NOTE: Must have a winch to use plow system.

1998-2021 Polaris Ranger 80 Inch Eagle Straight Blade Snow Plow Kit


Fitment Details
  • 1998-01 Ranger 6x6 (p/n: 2848)
    2001-04 Ranger 4x4 (p/n: 2849)
    2005-08 Ranger (All CCs) (p/n: 2850)
    2005-08 Ranger XP (All CCs) (p/n: 2850)
    2008-09 Ranger Crew (p/n: 2850)
    2009 Ranger 700 (p/n: 2846)
    2010-14 Mid Size Ranger 400 (p/n: 2847)
    2010-11 Ranger 700 Crew (p/n: 2851)
    2010-14 Full Size Ranger XP 800 (p/n: 2851)
    2010-14 Ranger 800 Crew (p/n: 2851)
    2010-16 Ranger 800 6x6 (p/n: 2851)
    2011-13 Mid Size Ranger 500 and 500 Crew (p/n: 2847)
    2011-14 Mid Size Ranger EV (p/n: 2847)
    2013-14 Mid Size Ranger 800 (p/n: 2857)
    2013-14 Ranger XP 900 Limited Edition (LE) (p/n: 2854)
    2013-19 Ranger XP 900 (p/n: 2885)
    2014-15 Mid Size Ranger 570 (p/n: 2857)
    2014-15 Mid Size Ranger 570 Crew (p/n: 2857)
    2015 Full Size Ranger 570 (p/n: 2885)
    2015 Mid Size Ranger ETX (p/n: 2847)
    2015-17 and 2019 2-seat Ranger EV (p/n: 2847)
    2015-17 Ranger Diesel (p/n: 2885)
    2016 2-seat Ranger ETX (p/n: 2847)
    2016-18 Full Size Ranger Crew 570 (with round roll bars) (p/n: 2857)
    2016-19 Full Size Ranger 570 (with round roll bars) (p/n: 2857)
    2016-19 2-seat Ranger 570 (p/n: 2857)
    2016-19 Ranger Crew 570-4 (p/n: 2857)
    2017 Ranger XP 1000 (p/n: 2885)
    2017-18 Ranger Crew XP 1000 (p/n: 2885)
    2017-18 2-seat Ranger 500 (p/n: 2857)
    2018-20 Ranger XP 1000 (p/n: 2885)
    2019-20 Ranger Crew XP 1000 (p/n: 2885)
    2020 Ranger 1000 (p/n: 2885)

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