Kawasaki Teryx S Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors


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Kawasaki Teryx S Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors

Upper Doors for Year-Round Riding
If you're looking for a comfortable ride with the right level of protection, the stock doors on your Teryx S aren't enough. That's where SuperATV's Kawasaki Teryx S Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors come in. They're built with premium Pel-Tek technology and high-quality materials that make them tough and water-resistant. It's the best of both worlds—keep them closed for more protection or roll them down for more airflow. These upper doors give you the coverage you're looking for and they're compatible with roofs and windshields. You're that much closer to a full cab enclosure.

Made with Pel-Tek Technology
These upper Teryx S doors have been crafted to endure the elements and rough riding. We use PVC-backed polyester combined with Pel-Tek technology, making them unmatched by anything else on the market. This fabric is cut using CNC technology and constructed to withstand abrasions, punctures, and mildew. We practice a premium stitching technique that provides a superior appearance to any standard hem job. Plus, installation is a breeze—everything can be secured to your machine using a combination of Velcro and snaps. There are even cinch straps for additional security during hardcore riding or trailering.

Double Polished for Superior Clarity
Visibility is essential when driving—what's the point of having upper doors if you can't see through them? Our soft doors come equipped with double-polished vinyl windows that offer excellent clarity. And the vinyl is UV resistant, ensuring that your windows remain crack-free and don't turn yellow after years of riding.

Superior Flexibility
Adaptability is crucial when you’re off-roading. You never know what you’ll encounter between the weather and the trail. Our soft upper doors are designed with a versatile window that can be rolled up and secured using a heavy-duty flap. And our snag-free zippers will ensure the doors remain securely closed while riding.

Get Total Protection
While upper doors provide some coverage, a full cab enclosure is invaluable if you want to be ready for anything. Adding a roof and windshields gives you a complete package that offers comfort and protection for year-round riding.

Kawasaki Teryx S Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors Installation Instructions Click for Installation Instructions


  • PVC-backed polyester utilizes Pel-Tek technology for maximum strength
  • Uses double-polished vinyl windows
  • Resistant to water, punctures, abrasions, UV radiation, and mildew
  • Heavy-duty snaps hold the windows open for more airflow
  • Industrial-strength Velcro strips and snaps hold the doors securely to your machine
  • Includes all hardware and instructions
  • Fitment

    Fitment Details
    • Kawasaki Teryx S : 2021+
    NOTE: Do not use in temperatures below negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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