Replacement Glass Windshield Kit

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Replacement Glass Windshield Kit


  • Replacement for SuperATV Glass Windshields
  • DOT-approved laminated safety glass
  • Lightly tinted
  • Includes a full-length locking gasket to secure it to the frame


Replacement for SuperATV Glass Windshields
So you got a little bit wild and now your SuperATV Glass Windshield has a crack in it. You don’t need to buy a whole windshield and frame—just get a replacement Glass Windshield Kit. It comes with our lightly-tinted, DOT-approved glass along with a locking gasket. This is the best way to repair your windshield and make it as good as new.

Everything You Need in One Package
If you cracked your glass, this is all you need to fix it up. The locking gasket secures the new glass into your existing frame. You get a perfect fit and an easy glass replacement that’s built just for your UTV.

Replacement Glass Windshield Kit Installation Instructions Click to view Installation Instructions

Replacement Glass Windshield Kit

Fitment Details

Updated 07-06-2021 @ 6:06 AM MST

  • Replacement Glass Kit for:
  • • GWS-P-RAN1K
    • GWS-H-TAL
    • GWS-H-PIO1K
    • GWS-CA-X3
    • GWS-CA-DEF