Universal Glass Windshield Wiper

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Universal Glass Windshield Wiper


  • Complete manual wiper assembly
  • Short: 13.75” wiper blade; 9.84” wiper arm
  • Long: 17.75” wiper blade; 11.81” wiper arm
  • Designed for SuperATV Glass Windshields


A Wiper Replacement for SuperATV’s Glass Windshields
Got too rough and now your manual windshield wiper is in pieces? Whether by rollover or excessive roughness, you need a replacement wiper for your SuperATV Glass Windshield and we’ve got them. You get the complete wiper assembly complete with the wiper blade, wiper arm, mounting kit, and lever. So whether you’re replacing a wiper or adding one to an existing windshield, we’ve got you covered.

Universal Glass Windshield Wiper Installation Instructions Click to view Installation Instructions

Universal Glass Windshield Wiper

Fitment Details

Updated 07-09-2021 @ 1:24 PM MST

  • Short Wiper
    • GWS-P-RZRXP-001
    • GWS-H-TAL
  • Long Wiper
  • • GWS-CA-X3
    • GWS-CA-DEF
    • GWS-P-RAN1K
    • GWS-H-PIO1K