Can-Am Commander Skid Plates

Avoid costly repairs and downtime with a set of custom-made skid plates for your Commander. TraderHank has a full line of Can-Am Commander Skid Plates that are proudly made in the USA.

We carry Aluminum Skid Plates, UHMW Skid Plates, and Hybrid Skid Plates for most Can-Am Commander models. Our "Hybrid" Can-Am Commander Skid Plates utilize a 3/16" Aluminum Skid with a 1/4" UHMW Overlay. By combining Aluminum and UHMW you are getting the best of both types of materials. Hybrid kits are the most expensive of the three kits available but you are getting the best protection for your Can-Am Commander Skid Plates.

Our Can-Am Commander Aluminum Skid Plates are Constructed from 3/16" 5052 H-32 Aluminum for exceptional durability and excellent weight to strength ratio. Aluminum Skid Plates are generally lower in cost than Hybrid and UHMW kits which can be a major factor when making a purchase. UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) plastic provides a smooth and slick surface which helps your Can-Am Commander glide over obstacles easier than Aluminum Skid Plates.

The smooth surface of the UHMW layer greatly reduces the chances of getting your Can-Am Commander 'Hung Up" on obstacles and is much quieter than Aluminum. UHMW is also shock absorbing and will not dent like Aluminum can. UHMW Skid Plates are generally more expensive than Aluminum Skid Plates but generally lower in price than a Hybrid kit. Aluminum Skid Plates provide great all-around protection at an affordable price for your Can-Am Commander. If you are riding in mostly rocky conditions, we generally recommend going with the Hybrid Skids or UHMW Skids. No matter which kit you choose you will be adding significant protection to your Can-Am Commander.

Skid Plate Kits are available for the complete frame, engine, and differential protection as well as floorboard protection for most Can-Am Commander models. Convenient access holes for all routine maintenance and mounting hardware is guaranteed for life on all Ricochet kits. We offer custom-made in the USA skid plates for the following Can-Am Commander Models. 

  • Can-Am Commander 800 (DPS)
  • Can-Am Commander 800R XT
  • Can-Am Commander 1000 (DPS)
  • Can-Am Commander 1000 XT
  • Can-Am Commander 1000 XT-P

Can-Am Commander Skid Plates