Yamaha YXZ Windshields

A Yamaha YXZ Windshield by far is one of the most popular accessories for the YXZ. This is usually one of the first accessories installed by our customers. A Windshield will not only change the look and function of your Yamaha YXZ, but it will provide some much-needed protection from mother nature. Cold, wind, rain, snow, dust, and those pesky bugs are great reasons to add a Windshield to your YXZ.

Most OEM Windshields offered at the Yamaha YXZ Dealerships are very expensive and tend to lack most of the features you will find on aftermarket Windshields. Also, most new Yamaha YXZ owners think that it is very difficult to install a Windshield when in fact most Windshields are extremely easy to install and do not require any drilling to complete the installation. Most Windshields are a complete bolt-on accessory. After driving a Yamaha YXZ with and without a Windshield, you will see why they are so popular. Windshields can provide an additional feeling of security and help keep the elements out of the cab and allow you to enjoy your Yamaha YXZ year-round.

With our large selection, you are sure to find a Yamaha YXZ Windshield to suit your needs. Here is a breakdown of the different types of Windshields available for the Yamaha YXZ.

  • Yamaha YXZ Front Flip/Folding Windshield
  • Yamaha YXZ Front Full Windshield
  • Yamaha YXZ Front Half Windshield
  • Yamaha YXZ Rear Windshield

What type of Yamaha YXZ Windshield is right for you? That depends on your particular needs but we have a general outline of the advantages of different types of Windshields.

Yamaha YXZ Front Flip/Folding Windshields

This type of Windshield is by far the most popular with our customers because of its versatility. You get the benefits of a Full Windshield plus you also get the benefits of a Half Windshield as well. There are different variations of this Windshield but basically, this design allows you to close off the front of your YXZ or you can open part or all of the Windshield to allow airflow into the cab. 

Yamaha YXZ Front Full Windshield

Provides complete protection. A Full Windshield provides complete front protection from wind, dust, and debris. This is a great option if you are not wanting a vented, flip, or folding windshield. Simple design and very easy installation.

Yamaha YXZ Half Windshield

The Half Windshield is a great option for the budget-minded rider who wants some protection with maximum airflow. A perfect Windshield for those hot muggy summer days.

Yamaha YXZ Rear Windshield

We add this to the list even though it mounts to the rear of your Yamaha YXZ. A Rear Back Panel or Windshield as we call it can really help minimize the dust that enters the cab from the rear when riding. We "highly" recommend adding a Rear Windshield or Back Panel whenever you add any type of front Windshield. When you add a front Windshield to your YXZ it will cause a "Backdraft" effect and will cause dust to enter the cab from the rear.

That is a quick breakdown of the types of Yamaha YXZ Windshields on the market. Check out the various Windshields we have available for your Yamaha YXZ and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about them.

Yamaha YXZ Windshields